FieldPoint LabWindows/CVI Interface


IAStatus FP_CreateTagIOPoint (IAHandle serverHandle, IAString commName, IAString deviceName, IAString itemName, IAHandle *IOPointHandle);


This function creates an I/O point that represents a digital input, analog output, or other accessible data on a FieldPoint device using the configuration information of the named tag. You must have entered the tag information into the server configuration (.iak) file for this call to succeed. The server returns a handle to the new I/O point in hIOPoint.

Use FP_DestroyIOPoint to destroy the I/O point after all I/O operations have completed.

Parameter List

Name Type Description
serverHandle IAHandle Handle to a specific server session. Create the handle with FP_Open.
commName IAString Name of the communications resource configured in MAX.
deviceName IAString Name of the device configured in MAX.
itemName IAString Name of the item configured in MAX.
IOPointHandle IAHandle (passed by reference) Returned handle that represents the I/O point. Use the I/O point handle in read, read cache, write, and advise operations. Destroy the handle using FP_DestroyIOPoint.

Return Value

The LabWindows/CVI manager or the server can return the following status codes. FP_ErrorMsg converts the status codes into descriptive strings.

LabWindows/CVI Manager-Level Error Codes 0x8480 IA_MGR_ERROR
FieldPoint Server-Level Standard Error Codes 0x8000 to 0x83FF

Refer to the error section in your server help file for more information.