FieldPoint LabWindows/CVI Interface


IAStatus FP_ChangeAdviseState (IAHandle serverHandle, IATaskID taskID, IABoolean callbackState);


This function resumes or suspends user callbacks on all advise tasks or a specified advise task. The advise operation does not stop, and FP_ReadCache still returns the last known valid data on the I/O point.

Use this function to disable callbacks to your callback function without stopping the advise operation on an I/O point.

Parameter List

Name Type Description
serverHandle IAHandle Handle to a specific server session. Create the handle with FP_Open.
taskID IATaskID Task ID of the advise operation to enable or disable the callback. Enter zero to change the state of all current advise operations. FP_Advise returns this value when you initiate the advise operation. taskID remains valid after this function.
callbackState IABoolean Enables or disables user callbacks for advise operations you specified.

Valid Range:
(0) FALSE - Resume : Enable callbacks
(1) TRUE - Suspend : Disable callbacks

Return Value

The LabWindows/CVI manager or the server can return the following status codes. FP_ErrorMsg converts the status codes into descriptive strings.

LabWindows/CVI Manager-Level Error Codes 0x8480 IA_MGR_ERROR
FieldPoint Server-Level Standard Error Codes 0x8000 to 0x83FF

Refer to the error section in your server help file for more information.