FieldPoint LabWindows/CVI Interface


IAStatus FP_ErrorMsg(IAHandle serverHandle, IAStatus IAStatus, char errorMessage[]);


This function copies a NULL-terminated ASCII message string that describes the corresponding provided status code in the buffer that you allocate.

Parameter List

Name Type Description
serverHandle IAHandle Handle to a specific server session. Create the handle with FP_Open.
IAStatus IAStatus Used to find an ASCII error string.
errorMessage char [ ] Memory that you allocate. The server copies the error message into this buffer. Maximum error message size is 256 bytes.

Return Value

The LabWindows/CVI manager or the server can return the following status codes. FP_ErrorMsg converts the status codes into descriptive strings.

LabWindows/CVI Manager-Level Error Codes 0x8480 IA_MGR_ERROR
FieldPoint Server-Level Standard Error Codes 0x8000 to 0x83FF

Refer to the error section in your server help file for more information.