I/O Servers

NI Distributed System Manager

I/O Servers

An I/O server is an application that communicates with and manages input and output devices such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs), remote input/output devices, remote Shared Variable Engines, and data acquisition (DAQ) plug-in devices. These I/O servers read selected input items and write to the selected output items on demand.

Shortcut Menu

Right-click an I/O server on the system tree to display the following options.

  • Watch List—Creates a new Watch List view that contains the single variable or multiple variables contained within the selected system or process.
  • Probe—Displays the I/O Server Probe view for the selected system.
  • Edit I/O Server—Configures the selected I/O server.
  • Remove I/O Server—Removes the selected I/O server.