Stocktake Store

MaQS Stocktake

Items that belong to the store location, which have not been scanned/counted into the stocktake will be displayed in this screen.



Search by item code

Search for store location by item code, see Item Search

Filter by Bin Location

Filter the store stock by bin location



Only items that hasn't been imported into the stocktake list will be displayed in the list


ss store


Export to excel

This will export the entire list of items into a spreadsheet


Close and exit (without saving)


Confirm and Import the selected items into the stocktake list




Filter by Bin Location


This will filter the store items by their bin locations


Filter by bin location


Search by binlocation

This will search and select bin locations that begins with the input text.

Bin location

User can manually select the bin locations to be filtered and selected

Unselect Binlocation

This will unselect/untick the items that belong to the selected bin locations

Select binlocation

This will select/tick the items that belong to the selected bin locations