Stocktake List

MaQS Stocktake

When a stocktake record is opened from the stocktake in progress list the header (top part of the form) will show the previously selected criteria that applies to the stocktake.  The lower part of the form will display the scanned data that has been transferred during the count process.





Stocktake Header


The description, Date and Comments can be modified until the stocktake is finalised.


Store take header


Save ss header

Save button for stocktake header. i.e. Description, Date and Comments



Stocktake Items


It display items that has been scan or counted and it allows user to verify the data and finalise.


ss items


Upper Section: Import stock & Filters


Import stock from the store location, see Stocktake Store

Refresh ss

Update the Store stock grid

Order by non Verify Items

Order grid to display Non Verified Items at the top

Order Track Lot & Quantity

Order grid to display tracked items & variance at the top


Lower Section: Data Verification

Unverify Data

Un-verify the selected line item

Delete ss

Delete the entire stocktake


Verify data for Non-Tracked Items, see Verify Data

Lot Qty

Adjust lot number and stock quantity


Close and Exit

Finalise ss

Finalise and commit the stocktake