MQTT Client: mqtt_client_lib_cfg Struct Reference

Message Queuing Telemetry Transport Protocol

mqtt_client_lib_cfg Struct Reference

#include <mqtt_client.h>

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Public Attributes

u16 loopback_port
bool grp_uses_cbfn
void * mutex
void(* mutex_lockin )(void *mutex)
void(* mutex_unlock )(void *mutex)
i32(* debug_printf )(const i8 *format,...)
bool aux_debug_en

Detailed Description

Contruct / Data to initialize MQTT Client Library

Member Data Documentation

Assert to indicate additional debug info

i32(* mqtt_client_lib_cfg::debug_printf)(const i8 *format,...)

Debug, mandatory

Assert if grouped contexts use call-backs

If an application has more than one contexts (i.e. grouped contexts) to manage in a single task, then a non-zero value must be provided. Otherwise, this parameter must be set to zero.

For a multi-task environment, provide a handle to platform mutex

Take platform mutex function

Give platform mutex function

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