MQTT Client: mqtt_packet Struct Reference

Message Queuing Telemetry Transport Protocol

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Public Attributes

u8 msg_type
u8 fh_byte1
u16 msg_id
u8 n_refs
u8 pad [3]
u8 offset
u8 fh_len
u16 vh_len
u32 pl_len
u32 private
u32 maxlen
u8 * buffer
void(* free )(struct mqtt_packet *mqp)
struct mqtt_packetnext

Member Data Documentation

The attached buffer

Fixed Header: Byte1

Fix Header Length

void(* mqtt_packet::free)(struct mqtt_packet *mqp)

Method to free this packet to a particular pool

Maximum buffer size

Msg transaction ID

MQTT Message Type

# users of this msg

Start of data index

Pay Load Length

Var Header Length

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