The Integrated Development Environment

LuaEdit Application

The Integrated Development Environment Topic Groups

Once you started LuaEdit, the Integrated Development Invironment (also called the IDE) is immediately presented to you. This IDE provides you tools to develop and debug Lua scripts with a shorter development time.

When developping with the IDE, you will notice that there is mainly two important environment:

  • The designtime environment
  • The runtime environment
The designtime environment will cover important actions and tools such as copy, cut, paste, search, completion proposal list, breakpoint managing window, etc. The runtime environment will cover more tools and actions such as step over, step into, local and global variables lists, call stack and lua stack windows, etc. Designtime tools and actions will usually still be available in the runtime environment (also called debugging) when the runtime environment tools and actions won't be actives in the designtime environment. (also called programming)
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