OSGeo FDO Provider for MySQL API Reference

OSGeo FDO Provider for MySQL API

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FdoSqlServerOvPhysicalSchemaMapping Class Reference

#include <SqlServerOvPhysicalSchemaMapping.h>

Inherits FdoRdbmsOvPhysicalSchemaMapping.

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Detailed Description

Concrete class offering schema overrides for the SqlServer Provider.

Definition at line 29 of file SqlServerOvPhysicalSchemaMapping.h.

Public Member Functions

FDOSQLSERVER_OV_API FdoSqlServerOvClassCollectionGetClasses ()
 Gets the classes.
FDOSQLSERVER_OV_API FdoString * GetDatabase ()
 Gets the database.
FDOSQLSERVER_OV_API FdoString * GetIndexFilegroup ()
 Gets the index Filegroup.
FDOSQLSERVER_OV_API FdoString * GetOwner ()
 Gets the owner.
FdoString * 
GetProvider (void)
 Gets the provider name.
FDOSQLSERVER_OV_API FdoString * GetTableFilegroup ()
 Gets the table Filegroup.
FDOSQLSERVER_OV_API FdoString * GetTextFilegroup ()
 Gets the text Filegroup.
FDOSQLSERVER_OV_API SqlServerOvTextInRowOption GetTextInRow ()
 Gets the text-in-row option.
FDOSQLSERVER_OV_API void SetDatabase (FdoString *database)
 Sets the database.
FDOSQLSERVER_OV_API void SetIndexFilegroup (FdoString *indexFilegroup)
 Sets the index Filegroup.
FDOSQLSERVER_OV_API void SetOwner (FdoString *owner)
 Sets the owner.
FDOSQLSERVER_OV_API void SetTableFilegroup (FdoString *tableFilegroup)
 Sets the table Filegroup.
FDOSQLSERVER_OV_API void SetTextFilegroup (FdoString *textFilegroup)
 Sets the text Filegroup.
FDOSQLSERVER_OV_API void SetTextInRow (SqlServerOvTextInRowOption textInRow)
 Sets the text-in-row option.

Static Public Member Functions

Create (FdoString *name)
 Constructs an instance of an FdoSqlServerOvPhysicalSchemaMapping using the specified arguments.
Create ()
 Constructs a default of an FdoSqlServerOvPhysicalSchemaMapping.

Protected Member Functions

virtual void AddClass (FdoRdbmsOvClassDefinition *pClass)
 Add the given class override to this schema override set.
virtual FdoRdbmsOvClassDefinitionCreateClass (FdoXmlSaxContext *context, FdoXmlAttributeCollection *atts)
 Create a class override from XML attributes.
virtual void Dispose ()
 FdoSqlServerOvPhysicalSchemaMapping (FdoString *name)
 FdoSqlServerOvPhysicalSchemaMapping ()
void Init ()
 Common initializer for all constructors:.
virtual ~FdoSqlServerOvPhysicalSchemaMapping ()

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