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FdoMySQLOvObjectPropertyDefinition Class Reference

#include <MySqlOvObjectPropertyDefinition.h>

Inherits FdoRdbmsOvObjectPropertyDefinition, and FdoMySQLOvPropertyDefinition.

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Detailed Description

Concrete class defining physical schema overrides for an object property definition.

Definition at line 31 of file MySqlOvObjectPropertyDefinition.h.

Public Member Functions

FDOMYSQL_OV_API FdoMySQLOvPropertyMappingDefinitionGetMappingDefinition ()
 Gets the mapping definition.
FDOMYSQL_OV_API void SetMappingDefinition (FdoMySQLOvPropertyMappingDefinition *propertyMappingDefinition)
 Sets the mapping definition.

Static Public Member Functions

static FDOMYSQL_OV_API FdoMySQLOvObjectPropertyDefinitionCreate (FdoString *name)
 Constructs an instance of an FdoMySQLOvObjectPropertyDefinition using the specified arguments.
static FDOMYSQL_OV_API FdoMySQLOvObjectPropertyDefinitionCreate ()
 Constructs a default of an FdoMySQLOvObjectPropertyDefinition.

Protected Member Functions

virtual FdoRdbmsOvPropertyMappingClassCreateClassMapping (bool attach)
 Create and optionally attach a Class table property mapping.
virtual FdoRdbmsOvPropertyMappingConcreteCreateConcreteMapping (bool attach)
 Create and optionally attach a Concrete table property mapping.
virtual FdoRdbmsOvPropertyMappingSingleCreateSingleMapping (bool attach)
 Create and optionally attach a Single table property mapping.
virtual void Dispose ()
 FdoMySQLOvObjectPropertyDefinition (FdoString *name)
 FdoMySQLOvObjectPropertyDefinition ()
virtual ~FdoMySQLOvObjectPropertyDefinition ()

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