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FdoPostGISOvObjectPropertyDefinition Class Reference

#include <PostGisOvObjectPropertyDefinition.h>

Inherits FdoRdbmsOvObjectPropertyDefinition, and FdoPostGISOvPropertyDefinition.

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Detailed Description

Concrete class defining physical schema overrides for an object property definition. This class is used in PostGIS schema overrides.

Definition at line 34 of file PostGisOvObjectPropertyDefinition.h.

Public Member Functions

FDOPOSTGIS_OV_API FdoPostGISOvPropertyMappingDefinitionGetMappingDefinition ()
 Gets the mapping definition.
FDOPOSTGIS_OV_API void SetMappingDefinition (FdoPostGISOvPropertyMappingDefinition *mappingDef)
 Sets the mapping definition.

Static Public Member Functions

static FDOPOSTGIS_OV_API FdoPostGISOvObjectPropertyDefinitionCreate (FdoString *name)
 Constructs an instance of an FdoPostGISOvObjectPropertyDefinition using the specified arguments.
static FDOPOSTGIS_OV_API FdoPostGISOvObjectPropertyDefinitionCreate ()
 Constructs a default of an FdoPostGISOvObjectPropertyDefinition.

Protected Member Functions

virtual FdoRdbmsOvPropertyMappingClassCreateClassMapping (bool attach)
 Create and optionally attach a Class table property mapping.
virtual FdoRdbmsOvPropertyMappingConcreteCreateConcreteMapping (bool attach)
 Create and optionally attach a Concrete table property mapping.
virtual FdoRdbmsOvPropertyMappingSingleCreateSingleMapping (bool attach)
 Create and optionally attach a Single table property mapping.
virtual void Dispose ()
 FdoPostGISOvObjectPropertyDefinition (FdoString *name)
 FdoPostGISOvObjectPropertyDefinition ()
virtual ~FdoPostGISOvObjectPropertyDefinition ()

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