Java Add-In Functions

Java Add-In

Java Add-In Functions

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Java Add-In provides the following functions.

Java Profile

Java profile is provided to allow visual modeling of Java concepts such as package, class, interface, imports, modifier and so on in StarUML(tm). Include Java profile when you start your StarUML(tm) project, in order to apply the features of the Java language in your software modeling.

EJB Profile

In addition to Java profile, Java Add-In provides EJB profile for the enterprise development environment.

Java Framework (J2EE)

JJava Add-In provides Sun Microsystems' J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition) in the Model Framework format.

Java Reverse Engineering

Java Add-In provides the reverse engineering function that generates StarUML(tm) models by analyzing source codes written in Java.

Java Code Generation

Java Add-In provides the forward engineering function that generates Java source codes by analyzing StarUML(tm) models.