Code Generation Option Configurations

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Code Generation Option Configurations

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Code Generation Option Setup Screen

This is the screen for configuring the options required for code generation.


Generation Options

Generation options are model-related options for code generation.



Generate unnamed AssociationEnd

Specifies whether to generate AssociationEnd at the end of an unnamed Association.

Generate the Documentation by Java Doc

Specifies whether to generate StarUML(tm) model documentation as Java Doc.

Generate empty Java Doc

Specifies whether to generate empty StarUML(tm) documentation.

Code Style Options

Editing options are text-related options for code generation.



Place opening curly brace "{" in the new line

Specifies the location of the opening curly brace "{" for code generation.

Insert tab as space

Specifies whether to insert space strings instead of tabs.

Tab width

Specifies the number of spaces for a tab.

File Header Comments

File Header Comments defines the comments for each file head.



File header comments

Contains the comments to be inserted in the beginning of the source file. As described in the "header comments description" section, the '@' symbol and alphanumeric characters can be used to insert specific values here.