HTML Table Checkpoint Extension

HTML Table Checkpoint Extension

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HTML Table Checkpoint Extension

The HTML Table Checkpoint script extension lets you add new functionality to TestComplete via a custom plug-in. This extension allows you to retrieve and compare HTML tables. It is provided by the HTMLTableCheckpoint.tcx package. This topic contains information about the HTML Table Checkpoint extension and describes how you can install it into TestComplete.

The HTML Table Checkpoint extension provides the functionality needed to create HTML Table checkpoints. The extension adds the HTML Table Checkpoint buttons to the Recording and Tools toolbars, a number of dialog boxes to TestComplete's UI and the HTMLTableCheckpoint program object.

How to Install the Extension

To install the HTML Table Checkpoint script extension, run the HTMLTableCheckpoint.tcx file. The Installing Extension - HTMLTableCheckpoint.tcx dialog will appear. In the dialog select the folder for the installation and click OK. This will install the plug-in into TestComplete. To check whether the extension is installed and enabled, use the Install Script Extensions dialog:

  • Select File | Install Script Extensions from TestComplete’s main menu to invoke the Install Script Extensions dialog.

  • Check that the HTML Table Checkpoint extension is listed in the dialog and that its check box is selected. If the extension is unselected, its functionality is disabled.

HTML Table Checkpoint Extension Files

The HTMLTableCheckpoint.tcx package contains the following extension files:

  • htcTableSelectorForm.aqfrm - The Create HTML Table Checkpoint dialog.
  • ctcForm.aqfrm - The Copy Text to Clipboard dialog (displayed at design time).
  • htmlTableCode.js - Script unit that contains functions executed during script recording or at design time.
  • htcIcon.bmp - The icon of the items added to the Recording and Tools toolbars.
  • Description.xml - Used to install the extension in TestComplete. Contains information about the extension, the items to be added to the Recording and Tools toolbar and about the HTMLTableCheckpoint program object.

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