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Quick Start
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The Easy Thumbnails interface is divided into two sections. The left side lets you select the folder and image files used for creating the thumbnails. A tab gives you access to the settings page, which you can use to define the thumbnail's filename prefix/suffix, maximum height and width, resize algorithm, JPEG compression level, brightness, contrast, sharpness, and rotation angle. The right side provides a preview of the original image currently selected, as well as the resulting output image, which you display by clicking on the corresponding tab.

The window title bar displays information about the current image shown. When the Preview output page is displayed, you'll see what filename it will have when saved, based on your settings, as well as its pixel dimensions and file size.

Click on the Make button to create thumbnails of the file(s) you've highlighted in the "Look in" window. Use the Make All button to create thumbnails of all the files listed in the selected folder.

By default, PNG files are saved in their native format. All other image types are saved as JPEG files. If you want PNG files saved in JPEG format, right-click with your mouse on the "Thumbnail preview" image and check the "Save PNG as JPEG" option in the shortcut menu.

For more information, see also the Useful Tips topic.