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The Files tab provides an Explorer-like interface that you can use to browse through your drive folders and select images you want to process. The top window displays the drives and folders, and the lower window shows the files contained in the selected folder. The types of images displayed in the file list are determined by the setting in the Files of type field above the tab.

You can select multiple images in the file-list window by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking on each file with the left mouse button. To speed up image selection, you can hold down the Alt key to stop each image you select from being displayed in the image-display panel. To select a range of adjacent images, click on the first image, then hold down the Shift key and press on the last picture you want selected.

Use the Save in field to control in which folder your new pictures should be saved. If you don't specify a target folder, then all the converted images will be saved in your current folder. If you specify a relative folder (i.e. that doesn't include the drive and directory path), images are saved in the folder relative to the current folder.