Contacting Fookes Software

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Contacting Fookes Software
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Bug reports, criticism, praise, and comments are very welcome. You can send these by email to <[email protected]>.

The following usage requires that you purchase a license from Fookes Software:
Bundling Easy Thumbnails with a software or hardware product.  
·Running Easy Thumbnails from a company/organization network server.  
·Running Easy Thumbnails on a server as a process for another application.  
For details on license pricing and conditions, please contact us at <[email protected]>. Our snail mail address is:

Until July 31, 2003...

Fookes Software  
Av. Eugène-Pittard 22 Ter  
CH - 1206 Geneva  

Fax/Tel. (Switzerland):  
+41/ 22-789-5844 (this is not a help support line)  

After July 31, 2003...

Fookes Software  
La Petite Fin 27  
CH - 1637 Charmey  

Web site: