1. Set-up

Drive View



       Drive View 2.1:                    software for field use.

       Drive View 2.1 Demo:          software for computer demonstration use.


   Program Set-up: It is very easy to set-up the program.

    Just open DriveView21.exe or DriveView21 Demo.exe file, then keep clicking Next button until the set-up process is done.


(1). Selecting Communication Parameter

        The first thing user needs to do to operate Drive View is to select its proper communication parameter.  Go to the Option in the main menu, and click "Communication.   


       Communication Port: choose one of COM1, COM2, COM3, COM4

      Baud Rate: choose one of 1200,2400, 4800, 9600, 19200

      Timeout : choose one of 500~3000 (msec)


     Check AC Driver's address and baudrate


(2). Connecting AC Driver

         User can search for the AC Driver he/she wants through following

         Go to Function Connect (or select  CONNECT Icon)



         ID : search just one channel

         ID(Range) : can select the search range (1~31)

         ID(All) : Search from all channels


         Select ID and press Start button.


       Stop : Press Stop Icon  while seeking AC Drivers

Seeking inverters

(3) Select AC Drive

Select AC Driver model to display information, keypad, text monitor window

Display run directionSelect inverter Model


(4). Indication of AC Drivers operating status

        AC Drivers running status, fault, and terminal information can be checked.




(5). Keypad Emulation (See Chapter 5)

       Drive View can emulate LCD keypad and 7-segment LCD keypad on the PC.


   n       LCD Keypad: IS3, IS5, IV, IV5, IH series


  n        7 segment keypad: IG5



(6). Text Monitor (See Chapter 6)

         Indicates data in letter.


(7). Graph Monitor (See Chapter 7)

       Indicates data in graph.


(8). Parameter Editor (See chapter 4)

        It indicates all parameters of connected AC Driver.


(9) Fault history

       It indicates fault history of connected AC Driver, including time and fault type.


(10). The others

    -       The communication selection and common selection can be made only on the main window.

    -       User must run the program first, before starting AC Driver search from 31 channels (ID).

    -       For the information from the connected AC Drivers, its type and capacity cannot be updated.

    -       User must run the AC Driver search, before adding new AC Driver or changing AC Driver information.

     -       AC Drivers fault history will be automatically recorded when finishing the program.  Also, up to 200 records can be saved.

       (The records will be saved as text format in Program Route directorys DriveView.Log)

    -       AC Drivers information and its fault history can be sort out by category.

    -       After selecting an AC Driver from the list, you can see its four sub windows (parameter editor, keypad emulator, text monitor, and graph monitor) through menu or use of toolbar.

     -         By double clicking, user can see the AC Driver's model dialog.