Applying Drive View

Drive View

  Applying Drive View

Connect PCs communication port (RS232) with AC Drivers communication terminal by using RS232/485 converter.


     -     nverter address can be set any number between 1 ~ 31, and each AC Drivers address should be different from one another.

     -    Suggest to use RS232/485 converter with TXENABLE signal automatic reproducer and Isolated signal model.

     -    All AC Drivers baud rate(BPS) setting should be same.

     -    In order to get less affected by noise, need to use terminal resistor at the end of AC Driver side of terminal.


Basic specification

     -     Communication method : RS485 (LG AC Driver's protocol)

     -     Communication speed : 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200 [BPS]

     -     Max Up to 31

    -     8 Data bit,1 Stop bit,No parity

    -     AC Driver type : SV-iS3, SV-iS5, SV-iG5, SV-iH, SV-iV5

    -     Windows95/98/2000