Known Issues

Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Gamer

Known Issues

When playing MIDI files in Creative MediaSource with X-Fi Synth A or B settings selected, volume cannot be adjusted through Creative MediaSource.

Adjust the volume control knob in Audio Creation Mode, Entertainment Mode or Game Mode, if necessary.

There is a "click" sound when I switch modes.

This may occur when you switch modes or restore the mode settings to their factory default. The sound comes from the relays of your uniquely designed Sound Blaster X-Fi audio card.

Sound is heard from my center analog speaker only.

This may occur when you are playing a 2D MIDI file.

When playing 2D MIDI content without the "pan" parameter or SoundFont-compatible MIDI content with zero panning, Sound Blaster X-Fi may channel sound through your analog center speaker only.

Audio output with older
Creative audio cards
Audio output with Sound Blaster
X-Fi audio card
Front Left / Front Right / Center
Front Left / Front Right / Center

  • 2D MIDI content is equivalent to the standard MIDI format. Use the 3DMIDI Player application to convert your 2D MIDI file to a 3D MIDI file.
  • By configuring the MIDI pan parameter of a SoundFont-compatible MIDI content, you can channel sound through your front left and front right speakers other than the center speaker.