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C++ Reverse Engineering

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Procedure for Reverse Engineering:

1.In StarUML(tm), select the [Tools] -> [C++] -> [Code Reverse Engineering...] menu.
2.At the [Select Source Code] page in the [C++ Reverse Engineering] dialog box, select a source and click [Add]. Click [Next] once you have completed adding the target sources for reverse engineering.




3.At the [Select the Package to Contain Result] page, select a package to contain the output results from the package tree and click [Next].




4.At the [Option Setup] page, select the reverse engineering options and click [Run]. Reverse engineering will start now.




5.The [Reverse Engineering] page will show the reverse engineering progress status and return reverse engineering failure or success results.




·If C++ reverse engineering is executed without including C++ profile, the following dialog box will appear asking whether you want to include C++ profile. Select "Yes(Y)" to continue the reverse engineering process.