Using MFC 6.0 Framework

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Using MFC 6.0 Framework

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Procedure for Importing MFC 6.0 Framework:

1.Select the [File] -> [Import] -> [Framework...] menu.


2.At the [Import Framework] dialog, select MFC 6.0 Framework from the list and click the [OK] button.




3.The Select Element dialog box will appear, to determine in which element MFC 6.0 Framework will be located. Select an element (package, model, subsystem or project) to contain the framework and then click the [OK] button.



4.The framework is included in the selected element.

note Note

·Importing a framework does not store the framework elements in the project. Since framework units are referenced by the project, the framework unit files must be present when opening the project.
·To delete the imported frameworks, remove the respective framework units.