Check Washed Items


MaQs       Check Washed Items - Individual Item Check



The check washed item function is for individual item checking.



Performing Item Check


2. Searching by the date range

Date Range



By default the date range would be within the last 7 days

3. To include batch that has been checked

select check the Include Checked Batched


4. Enter the Cycle Number

The previous cycle number will be displayed and it will suggest the next cycle number.


Cycle Number

5. Select the Washer Output

6. Click to apply output

Check Items

7a. Update the status for each of the items (If needed)

Wash Status

7b. Select the default status (Pass or Fail) and then Scan or Enter the Process Label

(If needed)

Scan Status

8. Proceed with the Batch Check




Check test cycle if this batch has equipment test cycle. See Record Test Cycle for detail.

Set all items in the batch to 'Failed'

Set all items in the batch to 'Passed'

To view items that has been checked (If partial checked)

Close Window

To complete the batch check, Note that the Cycle Number and Washer output (Pass or Fail) must be selected prior to proceed.