Check Sterilised/Chemical DisInfected Items


MaQs       Check Sterilised/Chemical DisInfected Items



When the batch is sterilised. Click on the Quality Activity button and select Check Sterilised/Chemical DisInfected Items from the menu to perform Batch Check.






Performing a Batch Check


1. Select the Washer ID

2. Searching by the date range

Date Range



By default the date range would be within the last 7 days

3. To include batch that has been checked

select check the Include Checked Batched


4. Enter the Cycle Number

The previous cycle number will be displayed and it will suggest the next cycle number.



5. Select the Steriliser Output

6. Click to apply

Check Items

7. Proceed with the Batch Check



See Item Check for individual checking



To Print preview the select Batch

Check Items

To Perform Item Check, i.e. Individually check each item, see Check Washed Items


Close Window