Check Sterilised Items


MaQs       Check Sterilised Items - Individual Item Check



This window allows the user to perform individual item check, select the Item Check Button from Check Sterilised List to access this window.


The batch information is located at the upper right hand side of the screen.




Performing Item Check


1. Select the Washer ID

2. Searching by the date range

Date Range



By default the date range would be within the last 7 days

3. To include batch that has been checked

select check the Include Checked Batched option.

4. Enter the Cycle Number

The previous cycle number will be displayed and it will suggest the next cycle number.



5. Highlight the record then select Check Items

Check Items

6a. Item Check via scanning

To perform individual item checking, the user can scan the label in the Process Label box, which will set to the Checked Status selected.


6b. Manual Item Check (Partial check is possible)

7. Proceed with the Batch Check

Once all status have been set, select Proceed to complete the check.



Record test cycle result.

Set all items in the batch to 'Failed'

Set all items in the batch to 'Passed'

To view items that have been checked (If partial checked)

Close Window

To complete the batch check, Note that the Cycle Number and Washer output (Pass or Fail) must be selected prior to proceed.