Symbol Options

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Symbol Options

To display the Symbol Options dialog box, click Options in the main Image Navigator window or select Options┬╗Symbol Options.

Fill Color Mode

Original Fill colors are not changed.
Shaded Fill colors are shaded according to the selected fill color.
Solid Fill colors are solid according to the selected fill color.
Hollow Fill colors are removed.

Fill Color

Click on this box to change the fill color. The Fill color box is enabled only if the Fill Color Mode is set to Shaded or Solid.


None Picture will not be flipped.
Horizontal Picture will be flipped horizontally.
Vertical Picture will be flipped vertically.
Both Picture will be flipped horizontally and vertically.


0Picture will not be rotated.
90Picture will be rotated 90 degrees.
180Picture will be rotated 180 degrees.
270Picture will be rotated 270 degrees.

Background Color

Click on this box to change the background color for exporting metafiles as bitmaps.

Defaults Button

Click on this button to return all symbol options to their default values.