Configuring the Image Navigator

Image Navigator

Configuring the Image Navigator

To configure the Image Navigator, choose OptionsĀ»Configure.

Category File Path

Normally, this field should be blank, which causes the Image Navigator to look for the category (*.cat) files in the same directory as the Image Navigator program. If your category files are stored in a separate location, you may specify that directory in this field. Relative paths such as \symbols are supported. Click Browse to select a folder.

Always on top

Check this box to make the Image Navigator stay on top of other windows.

Automatically minimize after copying

Check this box to automatically minimize the Image Navigator after copying a symbol to the clipboard.

Do not tile textures

Normally, when a texture is copied to the clipboard, a large bitmap consisting of many tiles is copied. If this box is checked, then only a single tile is copied.

Always copy as picture

This setting controls the default behavior of the Copy button on the main Image Navigator screen. When this box is unchecked, clicking the Copy button does the same thing as choosing Copy to Clipboard from the Edit menu. When this box is checked, clicking the Copy button does the same thing as choosing Copy as Picture (wmf) Only from the Edit menu.

Thumbnail size

This determines the size of the symbol thumbnails, in pixels. Enter a number between 26 and 256.

Picture optimization

This determines the amount of picture optimization that is performed automatically. Optimization occurs automatically for all symbol operations including exporting, loading from the hard drive, copying to the clipboard, and adding your own symbols.

No optimization Pictures will not be optimized.
Lossless optimization Picture data size will be reduced moderately, but image quality will not be harmed.
Maximum optimization Picture data size will be reduced as much as possible, with a slight loss of picture quality.
Picture optimization is important because it results in smaller, leaner metafiles, which usually load and draw faster. Optimization has no effect on bitmaps or textures.

Defaults Button

Click this button to return all configuration settings to their default values.