Image Navigator Limitations

Image Navigator

Image Navigator Limitations

Supported Drawing Programs

The Image Navigator was specifically designed to properly handle metafiles created by CorelDRAW 5, 7, or 10, or Adobe Illustrator 9. If you are having trouble adding your own metafiles to the Image Navigator, try copying your metafiles into one of these drawing programs first, then paste them into the Image Navigator.

Metafile Limitations

Not all metafiles are supported by the Image Navigator. Metafiles vary widely according to the drawing program used to create them—some drawing programs create metafiles that are compatible with many other applications; some do not. Windows metafiles can contain a rich set of commands, most of which are not used by clipart today. The Image Navigator supports the subset of metafile commands that is used by the majority of clipart vendors. The drawing objects supported include line, polyline, polygon, polypolygon, rectangle, and ellipse.

Number of Categories

There is no set limit on the number of categories that you can have. However, a large number of categories will slow the performance of the Image Navigator main screen.

Symbol Size

There is no set limit on the size (in bytes) of a symbol that the Image Navigator can contain. However, the larger a symbol is, the slower the Image Navigator will respond when drawing, resizing, deleting, or moving that symbol.

Accuracy of Symbols

The Image Navigator symbols and their descriptions are provided "as-is"—there is no warranty or guarantee with regard to their accuracy, correctness, or completeness with respect to the actual objects that they represent. The library may contain symbols that deviate from industry standards or symbols that have non-standard or erroneous descriptions.

Image Format Conversion

When converting image files from one format to another, there may be slight distortions, degradations, or minor differences due to the inherent complexities and limitations of image conversion.