Snapshot Agent Profile

SQL Replication


Snapshot Agent Profile

A default profile for the Snapshot Agent is installed when a server is configured as a Distributor. The default profile contains the following parameters and values.

Parameter Default Value
-BcpBatchSize 100000 When performing a bcp in operation, the batch size is the number of rows to send to the server as one transaction and is also the number of rows that must be sent before the Distribution Agent logs a bcp progress message. When performing a bcp out operation, a fixed batch size of 100,000 is used. A value of 0 indicates no message logging.
-HistoryVerboseLevel 2 The amount of history logged during a snapshot operation can be:

1 = Always update a previous history message of the same status (startup, progress, success, and so forth). If no previous record with the same status exists, insert a new record.
2 = Insert new history records. If the record is for items such as idle messages or long-running job messages, update the previous records.
3 = Always insert new records, unless it is for idle messages.

You can minimize the performance effect of history logging by specifying 1.

-LoginTimeOut 15 The number of seconds before the login attempted by the agent times out.
-MaxBcpThreads 1 The number of bulk copy operations that can be performed in parallel. The maximum number of threads and ODBC connections that exist simultaneously is the lesser of MaxBcpThreads or the number of bulk copy requests that appear in the synchronization transaction in the distribution database. MaxBcpThreads must be greater than zero, and has no hard-coded upper limit.
-QueryTimeOut 300 The number of seconds before the queries issued by the agent time out.