Data Type Mapping to Jet-SQL 4.0 for Merge Replication

SQL Replication


Data Type Mapping to Jet-SQL 4.0 for Merge Replication

The following table maps data types for merge replication to Microsoft® Access Subscribers. When you replicate to ODBC Subscribers, the distribution task maps Microsoft SQL Server™ 2000 data types to the closest data type on the target database.

Note  The data type mapping from SQL Server 2000 to Jet-SQL 4.0 is the same for snapshot replication, transactional replication, and merge replication.

SQL Server 2000 data type Microsoft Jet-SQL 4.0 data type
bigint DECIMAL
binary(n) BINARY (n)
bit BIT
char(n) CHAR (n)
datetime DATETIME
decimal DECIMAL
float FLOAT
image IMAGE
int INT
nchar(n) NCHAR (n)
numeric DECIMAL
nvarchar(n) NCHAR VARYING (n)
real REAL
smalldatetime DATETIME
smallint SMALLINT
smallmoney CURRENCY
timestamp BINARY
tinyint BYTE
uniqueidentifier GUID
varbinary(n) VARBINARY (n)
varchar(n) VARCHAR (n)