Extended Stored Procedure Programming

Extended Stored Procedure Programming


Returns information about a database connection.


DBCHAR * srv_pfield ( SRV_PROC * srvproc,
int field,
int * len );



Pointer identifying a database connection.


Specifies data on the connection to return.

Value Returns
SRV_APPLNAME The application name provided by the client when it established the connection.
SRV_BCPFLAG A flag that is TRUE if the client is preparing for a bulk copy operation; otherwise, FALSE.
SRV_CLIB The name of the library that enables the client to talk to a server.
SRV_CPID The client process ID on the client source computer.
SRV_HOST The name of the client's machine provided by the client when it established the connection.
SRV_LIBVERS The version of the client library.
SRV_LSECURE A flag. TRUE if connection used integrated security to login.
SRV_NETWORK_MODULE The name of the Net-Library DLL used by the connection.
SRV_NETWORK_VERSION The version of the Net-Library DLL used used by the connection.
SRV_NETWORK_CONNECTION The connection string passed to the Net-Library DLL used for the current srvproc connection.
SRV_PIPEHANDLE A string containing the pipe handle of a connected client, or NULL if the client is connected on a network that does not use named pipes. To use this handle as a valid pipe handle with Microsoft® Windows NT® 4.0, convert this string to an integer.
SRV_PWD If the connection used standard security to login, the password it provided.
SRV_RMTSERVER The server from which the client process is logged in. If the login is from a client, this value is an empty string.
SRV_ROWSENT The number of rows already sent by srvproc for the current set of results.
SRV_SPID The server thread ID of the srvproc. For extended stored procedures, this value is the same as the kpid column of sysprocesses, and it can change over time.
SRV_SPROC_CODEPAGE Codepage that the server uses to interpret multbyte data.
SRV_STATUS The current status of srvproc.
SRV_TDS The version of the tabular data stream (TDS) used by the client. Use SRV_TDSVERSION instead of this value.
SRV_TYPE The connection type of srvproc. If "server" is returned, srvproc is from an instance of SQL Server. If "client" is returned, srvproc is from a DB-Library or ODBC client.
SRV_USER The user name of the connection.


Is a pointer to an int variable that contains the length of the returned field value. If len is NULL, the length of the string is not returned.


A pointer to a null-terminated string containing the current value for the specified field in the SRV_PROC structure. If the field is empty, a valid pointer to an empty string is returned and len contains 0. If the field is unknown, NULL is returned and len contains the value -1.