Extended Stored Procedure Programming

Extended Stored Procedure Programming


Returns run-time options for the current remote stored procedure.

Important  This Open Data Services function or macro is only supported in Microsoft® SQL Server™ version 7.0 for backward compatibility.

For more information about Open Data Services functions or macros supported for backward compatibility, see Open Data Services (Level 3).


DBUSMALLINT srv_rpcoptions ( SRV_PROC * srvproc );



Is a pointer to the SRV_PROC structure that is the handle for a particular client connection (in this case, the handle that received the remote stored procedure). The structure contains information the ODS Library uses to manage communication and data between the Open Data Services server application and the client.


A bitmap that contains the run-time flags joined in a logical OR for the current remote stored procedure. If there is not a current remote stored procedure, 0 is returned and a message is generated.


The following table describes each run-time flag.

Run-time flag Description
SRV_NOMETADATA The client has requested results without meta data information. This flag is only used when the client is communicating with an instance of SQL Server. An Open Data Services application cannot omit meta data information.
SRV_RECOMPILE The client has requested to recompile the remote stored procedure before executing it. This flag may not apply to an Open Data Services application.