2 1 Override X_RUN arguments inherited from the Client

Visual LANSA Applications on Linux

2.1 Override X_RUN arguments inherited from the Client

Several standard X_RUN arguments are automatically inherited by the Server. (See DEFINE_OTHER_SERVER and The PSXX= Parameter in the Technical Reference Guide for details.) In most cases, these arguments are not appropriate for a Linux connection. Some recommendations for overrides are:

  • Override the printer name with PRTR= (and optionally PPTH=) if any RPCs will print.
  • Override DBID= and DBII=. For example, if DBID=*NONE is passed over by default, the Linux Server will not be able to access the database.
  • Override DBUS= and PSWD= if they do not match your local database.
  • If you wish to use separate temporary files (or printer files when PRTR=*PATH) into different directories for different users (for example), override TPTH= (or PPTH=) to a specific full path that is generated at connection time. You could use the system variables *USER and *PATHDELIM to generate TPTH=/home/user1/. (Keep in mind that the Linux file system is case-sensitive.)

For further details on the X_RUN parameters, please refer to The X_RUN Parameter Summary in the Technical Reference Guide.