About this Guide

Visual LANSA Applications on Linux

About this Guide

  • This guide provides instructions for planning and deploying LANSA applications on a Linux Server. It does not include instructions or guidance in designing or creating applications with LANSA.
  • The contents are written for technical support staff and LANSA developers.
  • We recommend the use of the Korn shell (ksh) or Bourne shell (sh). All examples of Linux commands in this guide use the Korn shell.

It is assumed:

  • Readers have a solid understanding of both the Linux operating system and LANSA.
  • The application to be ported to Linux already works with a Windows Server.
  • An experienced System Administrator (root user) of the Linux system is available to carry out system administration tasks and advise the reader on Linux issues.
  • An ORACLE Database Administrator (DBA) is available to create and configure databases, create user ids and advise the reader on ORACLE issues.

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