Email Account Config


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Email Account Config


Configure the email server and email account.


  1. Set up the email server and create the email account. Refer to the email server help file for detailed configuration instructions. Test the email server; make sure the SMTP service is enabled and use the other email clients such as Outlook to test the connection.
  2. Check the firewall settings; make sure the firewall allows the port of email protocol.

Note: the current Email functionality does not support SSL protocol and SPA Authentication.

How to configure

  1. Select menu System -> Personal Setting -> Email Account. The Email Account configuration window is displayed. Specify the SMTP server, Port, Account, Password and Email according to the following explanation.
  2. Below is a brief explanation of the fields on this window.

    SMTP Server

    Server name or IP address of SMTP server


    Port of SMTP server for sending emails

    My SMTP Server Requires Authentication

    Determines whether SMTP server needs to validate the login account


    User account, for example, jdamelio

    Set Default Account

    If the user has only one email address, then make sure that this option is selected


    Password of user account


    Email address of the user, for example, [email protected] (must be the full email address)

    For Example:
    SMTP Server:
    Port: 25
    My SMTP server requires authentication: Unchecked
    Account: thuang
    Set Default Account: Checked
    Password: thuang
    Email: [email protected]

  3. Select menu System -> Painter -> User Painter. The User Painter configuration window is displayed. Click Email Properties to display the Email Account maintenance window where you can manage and maintain the account settings for all users.