Telnetd is a Telnet server that lets Telnet clients make connections to your PC. Users can connect using the Hummingbird Telnet client, a graphical VT100/320 terminal emulator application, or any VT100 Telnet client.

If you are using NTFS in a Windows NT/2000/XP/Server 2003 environment, the user must have an account on the Windows system, and have appropriate permissions in the Windows security system. Users are restricted to the protection and access rights specified by the system administrator for each of the Windows machines, drives, directories, and files.

If the user administration program has the group TelnetAccess, the user must be a member to successfully access your workstation. No check is performed if the group does not exist—access is then allowed for every user account.

Optional Parameters (Windows 98/Me)

The following optional parameter is available for Telnetd:

- p password_file

where password_file is the full path and file name of the password file you are using. Use the specified password file to validate access. By default, the password file is called password.hcl, located in the following directory:


where version is the version number of your Hummingbird product. The password file is empty until you modify it with InetD Admin.

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