TFTPd lets you use your PC as a TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol) server. The TFTP server lets users transfer files to and from your PC. Any TFTP client program can use the TFTP server, including the DOS TFTP client.

  TFTP does not require a user name and password.

One of the major applications for TFTP is to allow diskless workstations or PCs with Boot PROMs to retrieve boot images from a Windows NT/98/Me/2000/XP workstation in conjunction with the bootpdw server. To reduce any potential security issues, we suggest creating a directory specifically for boot image files and making only that directory available to TFTP clients using the -r option.

Optional Parameters


Specify a read directory for clients. For example, -rc:\bootptab


Specify a write directory for clients. For example, -wc:\hcltcp

-o or –O


Allow clients to overwrite existing files.


TFTPd has an inactive timeout feature that you can use to ensure that TFTPd closes a connection after a period of client inactivity.

To specify a timeout limit:

  1. Create a file named tftpd.ini.
  2. Type the following in the file:


where n is the maximum number of seconds of inactivity after which TFTPd closes a connection. The minimum timeout is 10 seconds.
  1. Save the file in the following directory:


where version is the version number of your Hummingbird product.