Select Tables to Tune

Index Tuning Wizard

Index Tuning Wizard Help

Select Tables to Tune

Use the Select Tables to Tune dialog box to choose the tables to be tuned.


Displays current tables available for analysis.


Clicking the check box to specify the tablet for the wizard to tune. Alternatively, click the check box to clear a previously selected table.

Actual Rows

Displays the current number of rows in the table.

Projected Rows

Displays the projected growth of the table. By default, this value is the same as Actual Rows. This table-scaling feature enables studying recommended indexes on smaller scale sample databases. A reasonable size (several percent, thousands of rows per table) should be used for the smaller sample database, otherwise the scaled data distribution histograms may be inaccurate and the set of recommended indexes for the sample database may be different from the index recommended for the full scale database.

Select All Tables

Click to select all the tables that are listed.

Clear All Tables

Click to clear all the selected tables.