Select Server and Database

Index Tuning Wizard

Index Tuning Wizard Help

Select Server and Database

Use the Select Server and Database dialog box to select a Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 database for tuning. You can also choose the keep existing indexes, include indexed views, and select a tuning mode.



Specify the name of an instance of SQL Server to which you want to connect.


Specify the database to be tuned.

Keep all existing indexes

Specify to keep all existing indexes in the final tuning recommendation. Indexes may be dropped or replaced if you elect not to keep existing indexes.

Add indexed views

Specify to include indexed views in the analysis. Indexed views are recommended on platforms where their use is supported.

Tuning mode

Specify the tuning mode to use.

Mode Description Restrictions
Fast Select to provide the quickest execution time. This mode may not result in the best overall improvement in performance. New clustered indexes are not recommended.

New indexed views are not recommended.

All existing indexes are kept.

Medium Select to provide a more comprehensive analysis than Fast mode and a quicker execution time than Thorough mode. This is the default selection. None
Thorough Select to perform an exhaustive analysis of queries. The execution time of this mode will take longer, but will result in greater overall improvement in performance. None