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Index Tuning Wizard

Index Tuning Wizard Help

Advanced Options

Use the Advanced Options dialog box to view or change the default index tuning parameters.


Current space usage

Displays the data and index size of the database and the space available for growth. This information cannot be modified from the Index Tuning Wizard.

Current data size (MB)
The current size of tables and clustered indexes in the database.
Current index size (MB)
The current size of all non-clustered indexes in the database.
Space available for growth (MB)
Available space on the disk for the database to grow.

Index Tuning Parameters

Modify these parameters to improve the performance of the Index Tuning Wizard.

Limit number of workload queries to sample
Specify the number of workload queries to sample. The default value is 200 queries. Queries are selected at random from the specified workload file. If the value exceeds the number of queries in the workload file, all queries are tuned.
Maximum space for the recommended indexes (MB)
Specify the maximum space in megabytes that can be consumed by the recommended index set. The default space is three times the current data size or the maximum available space on all attached disk drives, or whichever is smaller
Maximum columns per index
Specify the maximum number of columns in indexes proposed by the Index Tuning Wizard. The maximum value allowed is 16; this is the default value.