Scanning Options

DTS Import/Export Wizard Help

DTS Import/Export Wizard Help

Scanning Options

Use this dialog box to import database schema information from an OLE DB data source and populate instances of the Database Information Model (DBM) in Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 Meta Data Services. The scanner is passed an OLE DB provider, and then it examines the schema and creates a set of corresponding instance objects in Meta Data Services using the DBM and Data Transformation Services (DTS) Meta Data Services information models.

If you save a DTS package to Meta Data Services, you can set how the objects referenced by the package are related to SQL Server catalog meta data scanned into Meta Data Services. Meta data in this context refers to information such as:

  • Primary and foreign keys.

  • Column type, size, precision, scale, and nullability.

  • Indexes.

Resolve package references to scanned catalog meta data

Enable the scanning options, which link the package to Meta Data Services meta data.

Use scanned catalogs if already present in repository

Relate the package to Meta Data Services meta data if the meta data has already been saved (for example, by importing the meta data or by a previous scan). This option is useful if the database schema has not changed, Meta Data Services meta data already exists, and saving time is a consideration. If column or meta data information has changed and this option is used, references of the package to Meta Data Services meta data may not be meaningful.

Scan all referenced catalogs into repository

Scan all information about a database (all table, column, and meta data information) into Meta Data Services, even if the information is not used. This is safer than the previous option, but more costly in terms of time and performance.

Scan catalog if not already present in Repository

Add the database if it is not present in Meta Data Services. This is the default selection if scanning options are enabled.

Scan catalog always

Scan a database into Meta Data Services even if it is present already.

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