Save, Schedule and Replicate Package

DTS Import/Export Wizard Help

DTS Import/Export Wizard Help

Save, Schedule, and Replicate Package

Use this dialog box to save the source, destination, and transformations properties as a Data Transformation Services (DTS) package.


Run Immediately

Run the transformation immediately and create the destination data when the wizard completes

Use replication to publish destination data

Use the destination tables for replication. When you click Use replication to publish destination data, the Create Publication Wizard starts after the DTS Import/Export Wizard completes.

Schedule DTS package for later execution

Save the package to the Microsoft® SQL Server™ msdb database, SQL Server 2000 Meta Data Services, a COM-structured storage file, or a Microsoft Visual Basic® file and schedule it to run at predefined intervals. Click the browse (...) button to display the Edit Recurring Job Schedule dialog box, where you can schedule the execution of a package. If the schedule is not modified, the default is to run the package daily at 12:00 midnight.

Save DTS Package

Specify that you want to save the DTS package to one of the following formats:

SQL Server
Save the package to SQL Server and store it in the sysdtspackages table of the msdb database.
SQL Server Meta Data Services
Save the package to Meta Data Services. Use this option if you plan to track package version, meta data, and data lineage information with Meta Data Services.
Structured Storage File
Save the package as a COM-structured storage file.
Visual Basic File
Save the package into a Visual Basic file.

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