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Workflow Properties (Options Tab)

Use this tab to customize the workflow properties of a Transform Data task regarding transactional behavior, execution options, and the use of a Microsoft® ActiveX® script.



View the name of the Transform Data task.

Join transaction if present

If you select this option, and transactions are enabled, the step joins the Data Transformation Services (DTS) package transaction. Updates accumulate until commit or rollback. If cleared, updates are carried out one at a time, as they are requested.

Commit transaction on successful completion of this step

If you select this option, successful step completion triggers a transaction commit. Pending updates are made permanent. If cleared, any updates remain in the transaction until a later commit or rollback.

Rollback transaction on failure

If you select this option, step failure triggers a rollback of the package transaction. Pending updates are discarded. If cleared, any updates remain in the transaction until a later commit or rollback.

Execute on main package thread

Force the task associated with this step to execute on the main package thread rather than on a spawned thread. Choose this option if you are executing a task against a data provider that is not free-threaded and does not support parallel execution of tasks.

Important  If parallel execution is attempted on a provider that does not support it, serious errors may result. Some data providers used with DTS Designer that do not support parallel execution are the Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Jet, and the providers for Microsoft Excel, dBase, Paradox, and HTML source files. Use the Execute on main package thread option if more than one operation is used with these providers.

Close connection on completion

Close the connection after the completion of a package if the task is associated with a connection. Use of this option depends on the data provider; some providers perform better if the connection is not kept open. Another consideration on whether to select this option is the number of connections available for use and the expense associated with maintaining an open connection. For more information, see the OLE DB provider documentation.

Fail package on step failure

Select this option to terminate processing of the DTS package if a failure occurs on this step.

DSO rowset provider

Expose OLE DB rowset data obtained from this step to an external consumer. This allows the package to be queried and for data from the step to be used as a source for other packages.

Disable this step

Disable this workflow step when the package is executed.

Step priority

Set the Microsoft Windows NT® 4.0 thread priority for the step. The default setting is Normal.

Use ActiveX script

Include an ActiveX script to execute the step.


Display the ActiveX Script Properties dialog box, if Use ActiveX Script is selected.

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