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Global Variables

Use this dialog box to view or change information about global variables in the Data Transformation Services (DTS) package. Global variables defined in this dialog box are saved with the package, and they are usable from any transformation scripts written at the task, step, and column-mapping levels. You can also define global variables in the DTS Package Properties dialog box.

Information about global variables is displayed in each row of the Variables table. The buttons at the bottom of the table control the addition or deletion of global variables. You can select a cell in the table to enter or change information.



Specify the global variable name. You can edit an existing name, or type a new name in the cell after clicking New.


Specify the global variable data type from the list.


Specify the initial value assigned to the variable.


Add a global variable to the package. Click New to insert an empty row in the Variables table.


Delete a selected global variable from the package.

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