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Database Files Dialog Box

Use this dialog box to resolve conflicts encountered in a move or copy operation.

  • To resolve a name conflict, type a new name directly into the Source Files field.

  • To resolve disk space problems, click the browse (...) button to change the location in the Destination field.

After the name or disk space problems are resolved, click OK to proceed with the wizard.

Note  You cannot free up disk space on destination disks using this dialog box.


Displays the database name.

Destination Files

Displays the names of the files as they appear on the source server. To resolve a name conflict, you can edit this field directly. Select a file name, and then type a name for the file on the destination server.


Displays the size of source files.


Displays the proposed destination location. To change the destination, you can edit the field directly or click Browse.

(...) Browse

Click to change the location of the database on the destination server. In the Standard File Location dialog box, locate the folder location you want, and then enter the database file name. You can use the same file name or change the database name.


Displays a green checkmark if the file is ready to be moved or copied.

Displays a red X if disk space problems or naming conflicts exist.


Displays the drive name.

Available Space

Displays the available free space on each disk.

Required Space

Displays the disk space required for the proposed move or copy operation.


Click to re-evaluate disk space and naming conflicts. Updates appear in the relevant fields.

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