Select a Destination Server

Copy Database Wizard

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Select a Destination Server

Use this screen to specify the server to which the database will be moved or copied. After you select the authentication method and enter user information, click Next to establish the connection to the destination server and to validate servers and user information.

To establish a connection:

  • You must be a member of the sysadmin fixed server role on the selected computer.

  • The destination server must be different from the source server.

  • The two servers must conform to version rules.

Destination server

Select the name of the server to which the database or databases will be moved or copied, or click the browse (...) button to locate a destination server.

Note  You can use a destination that is a clustered server; the Copy Database Wizard will make sure you select only shared drives on a clustered destination server.

Use Microsoft Windows Authentication

Use your Windows user name and password to validate the connections.

Use SQL Server Authentication

Use SQL Server security to validate the connections.

User name
Enter a valid SQL Server standard login, if SQL Server Authentication is selected.
Enter the standard login password, if SQL Server Authentication is selected.


Start the validation process, and then move to the next screen.

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