Select the Databases to Move or Copy

Copy Database Wizard

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Select the Databases to Move or Copy

Use this screen to select the database or databases you want to move or copy from the source server to the destination server. The following databases cannot be moved or copied:

  • Databases that exist on the destination server.

  • System databases.

  • Databases marked for replication.

  • Databases marked Inaccessible, Loading, Offline, Recovering, Suspect, or in Emergency Mode.
Full-Text Catalogs

When you move or copy databases that contain full-text catalogs, full-text functionality is stopped, and then must be manually restored. The Microsoft Search service manages full-text catalogs and runs in the database to provide this service. Full-text search is stopped by the Copy Database Wizard so databases can be placed into single-user mode, a requirement for a move or copy operation.

If you want to copy a database with full-text catalogs, full-text catalogs for the database are unavailable at the source server after the copy operation has been completed. You must manually repopulate full-text catalogs on the destination server.

If you want to move a database with full-text catalogs, none of the associated full-text catalog files are moved when the database is moved. These files must be moved manually by the database administrator.



Select to move the database to the destination server.


Select to copy the database to the destination server.


Displays the databases that exist on the source server.


Displays the status of the source database on the destination server:

The source database can be moved or copied.
Already exists
The source database already exists and cannot be copied.
System database
The source database is a system database and cannot be copied, although selected objects from the master and msdb databases can be copied.
Replication database
The souce database is involved in replication, and cannot be copied.
For special cases, the specific status of the souce database will be noted.


Refresh the list of databases.

Data & Log file location (Windows 98 servers only)

The list appears when a Microsoft® Windows 98 server has been selected as the source server. Select a location from the list to enable the Next button.

Click Next to verify that all data and log files for the selected databases are available at the selected location.


Start the validation process, and then move to the next screen.

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