Selecting a Language

ZSoft Uninstaller

The ZSoft Uninstaller Interface
Selecting a Language
ZSoft Uninstaller is multilingual, and you can have the display shown in many different languages. To choose another language, go to the Language menu (the second from the right, in case you can’t find it, because you selected a language you don’t actually understand). You will be represented with a list of languages. By simply selecting a language the language of the interface will change.
Language menu

Here, for instance, is the interface in both Danish and German:
Interface in DanishInterface in German

If your language is not in the list you can quite easily translate the program yourself. If you choose to do this, please send your translation to the author at webmaster {at} zsoft [dot] dk so other people can also benefit from your translation. Thank you!

To do this, go to the folder where you installed ZSoft Uninstaller, open the Lang folder, and make a copy of the English language file. Rename it to Language.lng, where Language is Swedish, if you are translating it into Swedish and so on. Now, open the file in a plain-text-editor -- Notepad will do just fine. Now all you have to do is start translating.