Analyze an installation

ZSoft Uninstaller

Analyze an installation
By clicking on the "Analyze" button on the toolbar, the dialog shown below is brought up. It gives you 3 choices: Analysing an installation, finish an analysis that has already been started or uninstalling a previously analysed installation.

The Analyze main window

The last one will give you a screen where you can choose among the analysed installations. Before being able to uninstall you have to confirm that you do it at you own responsibility and won't kill me if anything goes wrong.
You can also uninstall an analysed installation (and, as the only place, rename and delete them) from the "Analyzed Programs" tab next to the "Installed Programs" tab in the main menu.

By choosing the first option you can choose which drives you want to analyse, the press the "Before Installation" button and let the program do it's thing.
When it's finished you should install the application in question, and perhaps run it and close it once before pressing the second button - "After Installation".

When the after installation is finished it will ask you for something to name the analysed installation before comparing the before and after "image".

This whole procedure naturally takes some time, but allows you to uninstall a program completely.
If a file have been added it will be registered, and deleted upon uninstallation.
If a registry entry have been added it will be deleted upon uninstallation.
If a registry entry have been deleted it will be re-created upon uninstallation.

If anything, upon uninstallation could not be deleted, the program will try to delete the files and/or registry entrys the next time you open the program, and continue to try every time until the files are gone.

The "finish an analasis that has already been started"-option is used to finish analysing after, for instance, a computer restart.